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Safe with Deposit Locker


Safe with Deposit Locker

outer body of every locker cabimet is made of 5mm thick plates.the top is futher reinforced with 10mm thick M.S. flat at the front. inner,horizontal and varticla partition is made of 10mm thick plates.the bottom is strengthened with steel angle section forming a strong structure.the hinges are of 10mm thick plates.,hung on 16mm secure solid hinges.the hinges are of interlocking type wihch provide pillar type support to the doors.hence the hinges themselves act as the dog bolts.the doors are covered with abodized aluminum fronts to give an attractive appearance which requires no maintenance. powre coated frontcan also be provided by customers specific request at extra cost.

Safe with Deposit Locker



Strange Room Drawer

Now Banks & Financial Institutes in ruler area who do not havefacility of strong room doors, can buy safe with safe deposit locker, they can give their customer facility of locker withour strong room doors.

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Safe with Deposit Locker