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Safe with Various Locking System Products
Safe with Various Locking System


Various Locking System

Extra accessories as per choice,

  • Dual control locks(for size 42"-72")
  • Numerical combination locks-4 wheel combination locks offring a choice of dial locking system.
  • Time locks(omported for larger models only)superior quality with multiplie lock movement(detail on request)

Safe with Various Locking System


Uniyielding protective shielding
Lock protection with a special drill-defeat shield inthe door

Bolt- work Mechanism
Strong movable shooting bolts evently spaced to secure the door equipped with the impact resisting sheft.

Balanced pressure Bolt-Work
Ensuring safety from attacks by dislodging.

Automatic Re-locking Device
Sending device to defeat attack through the key hole Mechanically or with liquied explosive.

Attactive finish and Rust protection
Attrctive two tone smooth, scratch free lasting multi-coat rust proof finish.

Safe with Strong seamless body
Safe with Various locking system
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